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Security is often overlooked in small organizations. Often times they hire consultant to build and install a networked computing system, at a very low rate, and great they are up and running.

What is not realized is that these systems were more than likely just 'Built'. There was not any additional work done to the systems. Many attacks made on computer systems going un-detected for months if not more. This can have a devastating effect for the companies systems that were compromised. Hackers do not always hack into systems to get internal company information, or to even cause damage to those computing systems. Their intentions are normally to make use of system resources and your companies bandwidth, to provide a number of things.

  • File storage for illegal files i.e.. pirated software, porn
  • Bandwidth and docking point for IRC users
  • Hide their identities while they actively attack their true target
These are just a few of the reasons attackers try to gain un-authorized access to you computer systems. And if you are target for the last reason listed above, that can have just as damaging affect as having your personal identity stole and exploited.

WORJUS Consulting has many years of IT security experience. We can completely audit your organizations network and computer systems from both outside of your network, to see what vulnerabilities are seen by hackers, and audit the network from within, so you can see where potential problems lie for disgruntled employees.

We will audit and scan your network with several of the most accurate network security tools on the market so we can get the most accurate results. We will then provide you with a complete report of what was found, and the implications of that security vulnerability. We will include in the report a complete recommendation and cost to tighten all aspect of your network and computer security.

We offer many other security services for your organization other that security testing. We also have extensive experience with deploying, configuring and managing many different firewall products. We have experience with CISCO PIX, CheckPoint FW-1, LINUX based firewall, Firewall/VPN integrated products, and many different software based firewall applications. Contact us today for information on our firewall service offerings.

Contact for more information, or visit our Pricing page for an overview of our security auditing prices

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