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WORJUS Consulting has many different pricing packages and options. From hourly billing to monthly contracts. The following is an overview of our rates, but all customers will be evaluated on an individual basis. Contact us for further details.

Monthly Contract
The overhead of maintaining a full or part time employee can sometimes be costly for the small to mid-size companies. WORJUS Consulting eliminates that overhead by providing monthly consulting contracts. These are the most beneficial services for the smaller organizations. In essence a monthly service contract with WORJUS Consulting eliminates the need to have a permanent employee on staff.

We offer many different service packages to fit any organizations needs and budget. Contact us today for a FREE no obligation consultation.

Project Services
Our services can be purchased by the project. A consultant will sit down with you and discuss your current needs. He will then completely research and evaluate your project and create a project bid, complete with project outline and details, estimated hours and cost. Once the project has been approved, the project manager will see your project through completion and get your ultimate approval.

Web Design
Our web professionals use the latest technologies to bring your web site to life. Technologies such as JAVA and JAVAScript, ASP, PHP, Database Technologies, XML, and DHTML, are used with great precision to make your site stand out. In addition to designing your web site we will also submit your site to all major search engines so your site will start to be shown in searches.

We have several web packages to choose from. Again we have developed several packages in order to cater to all smaller organizations. In addition to the complete packages, we also offer pricing for simply maintaining and modifying an existing web site. WORJUS Consulting offers all of the expertise you would fine in large organizations, and brings that talent to you, at an affordable rate.

Contact us at for more information.

Monitoring & Hosting
Pricing for our monitoring and hosting services varies depending on a number of factor. contacts today for more information.

Maintenance & Repair
Unless you have signed a monthly contract for services, all Maintenance and Repair services are billed at the Hourly Rate. If you have a signed service agreement, all Maintenance and Repair services will be covered under your available hours.

Hourly Billing
A lot of organizations really do not have a need for a consistent technical person. If you find yourself in this category this would be the option for you. Any work performed under this pretense is billed at an hourly rate with a one hour minimum. The rate for this service is $85.00 per hour. We provide our full range of IT service under this category, whether you need workstation maintenance or web development. If you prefer your project to be billed at an hourly rate we can work with you. Contact our office at

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