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We offer a full range of design service. We can help develop custom in house applications and databases, or we can help design your companies web presence. Complete with web applications, database interaction and plenty of design!

Our design services are not limited to the initial design of your product. We can also pick up and maintain an existing application, or web site, or we can simply redesign them.

Software and Database Development
Our developers are skilled in a wide variety of programming languages, and database technologies. They have the ability to hear and see your idea, and put that idea to work on your computer system. Whether you need a simple database that can be done in MS Access, or you need a full blown enterprise type application, our developers can make it happen for you. Pricing for our software and database development is truly dependant on your needs and requirements. You will need to contact a sales professional at for more information.

Web Development
Our web development services are very diverse and flexible, to truly meet your needs. We can design, your complete web site from the ground up, including the look and feel and the graphics. The only thing we need from you is the content.

However most companies already have a web site someone put up awhile ago. We can also overhaul or simply provide modifications of your site. If all you need is to simply have a Word document convert and put on your site, we can do that. What ever your needs, WORJUS Consulting is here to meet them!

Contact for information on our software development options.
Or check out our web development base prices on our Pricing page.

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