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Most Smaller companies computing systems do not require the day to day attention as the systems of a larger business. The need to retain a full or part time employee to manage these systems is not always cost effective. Having to provide benefits to the companies employee, a work space, additional technology components etc, can by far out weigh the need to have a dedicated employee.

WORJUS Consulting has recognized this issue and offers an excellent alternative to maintaining a permanent employee on your companies payroll. We offer several packages to address the needs of a wide range of organizations.

Whether you need a one time consultant to fix a broken workstation, or someone to come in once in awhile to perform routine task, we can give you the most outstanding service in the area. We have experience in dealing with the common day to day issues that corporate computer users face. In addition we have the high experience to deal with the much more complex server and network issues.

For more information on what we can do for your company contact us at You can also get general pricing information from our Pricing page.

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